Management Solutions

We meet you in person and evaluate the needs of your practice on site. By performing a comprehensive evaluation of your operations, we’re able to help you understand pain points, evaluate options and implement solutions.


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Unlock Your Best

Our Practice Management Solutions are unique.  We’re here to roll up our sleeves and help you find real solutions for your practice. We care about your practice and care about your patients. We realize that the one size fits all approach that most companies use, simply isn’t going to work for you.  Every practice has its own special needs, and we will provide a custom solution to enhance the efficiency of your operations.

System Auditing

With our system and auditing solution we come on site to evaluate any and all of your practice management needs. We help you find solutions for those needs through assessment and systems implementation. Depending upon the size of your practice our evaluation can be anywhere from one work day up to a week to evaluate and find the places where your practice can use reinforcement.

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First, we do an Assessment

Schedule a time and date to have our Director of Revenue Cycle Management perform an Initial Assessment of your practice.  This will be an on-site assessment encompassing the entire clinic process.

Our goals will be to perform a complete system overview and identify specific problems such as:

    • Staffing / Responsibilities
    • Medical records flow
    • Coding
    • Billing
    • Appeals

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Second, we build your Solution

From the assessment, we will develop a plan uniquely designed for your needs.

  • Present assessment results
  • Present plan
  • Develop implementation plan that meets your goals
Next, we implement those solutions

After choosing the best plan of action for your practice we implement your plan.

  • Set clear timelines and goals
  • Set infrastructures
  • Personnel
  • Network integrations
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Lastly, we perform regular Evaluations and Adjustments to ensure your plan continues meeting your goals.

In order to maintain an efficient and profitable business it’s important to continually evaluate your solutions.

  • Routinely audit your systems and operations to ensure you are working at peak performance.
  • Continually update and reassess your needs as the practice continues to grow.
  • Stay connected with good communication and customer support.

Call or email us for more information!

Charting and EHR Solutions

We assist you by charting your transcription directly into your EHR or by providing a better EHR solution. This helps your practice be as efficient as possible so you can focus on patient care.

Sometimes EHR vendors make it very difficult to integrate dictation/transcription into their systems.  If you have one of those, we still have a solution for you!

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Joy to Use

Just because your EHR vendor has made it difficult to integrate dictation/transcription doesn’t mean it’s no longer an option for you!  With our charting services, you can still dictate and review the dictation within your EHR as normal. We chart thousands of medical records into EHR’s daily.  This is achieved by obtaining remote access to your EHR and manually loading the records into the patient chart.

Not sure you’d trust us to access your EHR?  We don’t blame you, but you should know that our customers have been trusting us with sensitive data and tasks for almost 30 years!

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