• Microsoft Windows
    Windows 7 or later
    Windows 8 compatible in PC mode only. Metro mode is not compatible
  • Apple
    Yosemite or later
    Safari 8.0 or higher
  • Mobile
    Scribe Mobile is available on iOS and Android
    Up-to-date patches for all software
    A PDF reader to preview and print transcriptions
  • Web browser compatibility
    The latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are supported
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
    Microsoft Edge support is still in beta
  • Connectivity
    Cable, DSL or T1 Equivalent
    Dial-up may function in an emergency but is not recommended for normal operations

Internet Explorer/Word Setup instructions (If your documents are typed in Word,  you must follow these instructions in order to edit documents)

  • Must have Word installed on the computer (not on a shared server or trial version).
  1. Open Internet Explorer and click on Cogwheel in upper right-hand corner
  2. Click on Internet Options
  3. Click on Privacy tab and uncheck Popup Blocker
  4. Click on Securities tab.
  5. Click on Trusted sites and the click Sites.  In the area for Add this website to the zone, type
  6. After doing that, go back to the Security tab screen, click on Trusted Sites so it is highlighted and then click on Custom Level.  Scroll down to Active X Controls and Plugins. Be sure that all under that header are enabled.
  7. Open Word, click on Options and make sure that Start Up Screen is turned off if it is Word 2010 or better.  Also, under options be sure that it set to save as Word97-2003 Document.
  8.  Follow this link to Dropbox and download the appropriate fix.  
  9. Go to and open a note by clicking on Patient’s name.  If you do not have InetWord, it will offer it to you. Run that and then close out and get back into
  10. Now log out of Scribe and back in and open a note by clicking on patient name.

More detailed information about the use of Scribe when documents are typed in Word format can be found here:  Set-Up Instructions


HTML formatted documents do not require set up and can be opened and edited in any browser.

More detailed information about the use of Scribe when documents are typed in HTML format can be found here:  Set-Up Instructions

    Scribe Mobile 3 iPhone Dictation App

    Download the Scribe Mobile 3 app from your app store.


    First, be sure that your device software is up to date.

    Open the app store on your device and search “Scribe Mobile 3”.

    Click the Scribe Mobile icon and click the App button to download.


    Click HERE for setup instructions.