Why Pick RoseText?


Since 1990 RoseText has been providing professional transcription services to the medical, legal, business, and academic industries all over the United States.


RoseText has completed and managed millions of transcripts over the last 33 years. That’s a lot of data to keep track of! We can handle yours too.


RoseText team members receive extensive training regarding security of the private and protected information contained in the millions of transcripts we have produced.

Exceptional customer service:

Our staff is responsive, offering clear communication channels, and addressing client concerns promptly. No bots, call centers or auto replies. Not happy? You can still reach the owner.

Skilled professionals:

Our transcription teams are comprised of highly skilled veteran members of the industry. Our senior management team has been with RoseText for over 20 years ensuring strict quality control standards are met.

Advanced technology:

We employ advanced technologies for a number of reasons:

    • It fosters innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness.
    • It enables better data collection, storage, and analysis. Businesses can extract valuable insights from large datasets to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge.
    • It optimizes operations, reduces waste, and lowers operational costs.

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